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Due to the unique challenges in American Indian ancestry research our fees are set at $90.00 per hour for 5 hours with a retainer payment of $450.00, to be paid at the beginning of your project.


Depending on the amount and accuracy of your family story and the historical information you provide, it is our experience that some indication of Native American ancestry should be identifiable after this first 5 hours of research. If the research is positive you may wish to retain additional research hours to more fully document the genealogical information on the Native American ancestry in your family.

Upon completion of the project, a final summary will include all documents correspondence, and historical information identifying the selected family member(s) researched. Normally a project can be completed within a period of 2 to 4 weeks. No ethical genealogist can predict or guarantee to identify American Indian ancestry or to find a specific document or result.     

5 hours of Research
$450.00 -5 Hours